Yeng Tan


Mister Yam - a twentysomething year man disillusioned with corporate work in San Francisco - would find his life forever changed after an inexplicable phone call with a strange woman and an invitation to a musical show.

Thus begins a series of events that would take Mister Yam chasing nameless figures across the country; solving a mystery only he can explain.

Praise for Mister Yam:

“In this debut novel...Tan’s cerebral novel is reminiscent of Haruki Murakami both in its structure and its dreamlike prose...The tale’s tone is charmingly offbeat.” — Kirkus Reviews

“SHEEP. Bald man. A lost friend...they make the premise of an incredible story crafted by San Francisco-based Malaysian Yeng Tan.” — New Straits Times

“Malaysian’s debut novel is equal parts philosophical and whimsical.” — Free Malaysia Today

About the author

Yeng Tan, originally from Kuala Lumpur and now based in Brooklyn, is the author of the novel Mister Yam. Driven by a laksa of Eastern and Western influences, his writing is infused with elements of mystery, magical realism, and philosophy, drawing attention to the spirit of the locales he describes.

His work has garnered attention in Malaysian media periodicals like the New Straits Times, with Mister Yam receiving an honorable mention in fiction at the 2022 San Francisco Book Festival. Currently, Tan is immersed in writing his second book - Morin.

Tan cites Agatha Christie, Haruki Murakami, Paul Auster, Hilma af Klint, and Andrei Tarkovsky as influences on his work.